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Dummy Never Fails, created by Armor Games, is an entertaining game that can be played for free online. The objective in the game is to throw dummies and rag dolls at a target. The goal is to ensure you don’t throw them to hard causing a lot of damage. The less damage the more points you will receive. There are 52 levels that you can complete in order to win the entire game. There are also 51 different types of dummies and rag dolls that you will earn and get to throw. As each level progresses the harder the game will become.

The only controls that you need in order to work this game is the mouse. You will use your mouse to control the canon. By clicking on the mouse you are going to shoot the dummy or rag doll out of the canon. You will need to place the canon in the direction you are wanting it to shoot. Each level is going to look different and have different obstacles that can be in the way of your target. You are going to need to find the best way possible to hit your target without using a lot of dummies or rag dolls and ensure they don’t have a lot of damage to them. You can shoot out as many dummies or rag dolls as needed but less is better if you can.

The more points you earn the better score you will have. This is a great game to work your mind and help you find the best way to hit your target. Be sure to go to our link and like our page. Then you will be able to share this game with your friends so they can enjoy hitting targets with dummies and rag dolls too.

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