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Instructions for Dummy Never Fails

To begin the game, the player may click on the “Play Game” button located on the main screen. Next, the player may choose which level they would like to play. However when the player is starting the game for the first time, they will have to play the game from the first level onwards. There are 52 levels of gameplay that vary in intensity. Before the player begins playing, they may also click on the dummy in the upper right-hand corner to change the skin. The available skins are the default beige/tan skin and 39 more skins that the player may unlock as they complete the levels. The player may also get a preview of the level by cursoring over the specific level box and viewing the “Level Preview” box. Each level will give the player instructions and tips for playing the game and/or specific level when the player begins the level for the first time.

For example in the beginning level, the person is instructed that the less pain the Pain-O-meter level rises, the better for the dummy. Also there are some shortcut keys for gameplay. R is a shortcut for retry, N is a shortcut key for next and S is a shortcut key for slow. To shoot the dummy from the cannon, the player needs to aim the cannon in the proper direction and then click their aim receptacle on the target they would like to hit. Once the player lets go of their mouse button, the cannon will launch the dummy at the target. The further the distance from the cannon, the stronger the force of impact for the dummy. With each successful hit with minimal damage, the player is awarded points. There will also be obstacles in the way that the player will need to prepare for. Besides obstacles, there will also be directional arrows that assist the player in showing them which way to aim the dummy cannon to reach the target.

Dummy Never Fails Hidden Gems

Skins may also be unlocked by reaching certain stages within a level. If the player gets lost at any moment during the game, they may click on the “Walkthrough” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen if they need some gameplay advice. If the player gets stumped or needs to reset the level, they may do so by clicking on the “Retry” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen also.

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